Reagent Availability

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Wittrup Lab Plasmids are available through Addgene.

Cell Lines EBY100 and YVH10 are available through ATCC.

Yeast Surface Display

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Original Yeast Surface Display Papers:
Boder, E.T., K.D. Wittrup, “Yeast Surface Display for Directed Evolution of Protein Expression, Affinity, and Stability,” Methods in Enzymology 328, Ed. J. Thorner and S.D. Emr, 430-444, 2000. [PubMed]

Boder, E. T. and K. D. Wittrup, “Yeast Surface Display for Screening Combinatorial Polypeptide Libraries,” Nature Biotechnology 15(6), 553-537, 1997. [PubMedJournal]

Affinity Maturation
Colby, D.W., Kellog, B.A., Graff, C.P., Yeung, Y.A., Swers, J.S., Wittrup, K.D. “Engineering Antibody Affinity by Yeast Surface Display.” Methods in Enzymology,388:348, 2004. [PubMed]

scFv Library Yeast Surface Display
Chao G, Lau WL, Hackel BJ, Sazinsky SL, Lippow SM, Wittrup KD. Isolating and engineering human antibodies using yeast surface display. Nat Protoc. 1(2): 755-768, 2006. [Pubmed]

Fibronectin Library Yeast Surface Display
Chen TF, de Picciotto S, Hackel BJ, Wittrup KD. Engineering fibronectin-based binding proteins by yeast surface display. Methods Enzymol. 2013;523:303-26. [Pubmed]

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Additional YSD Resources
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has a great yeast display page with protocolspCTCon2 is equivalent to pPNL6.

Additional Protocols